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Millimetre Precision Guaranteed

With a long and illustrious history spanning back to 1983, we have perfected precision offsite manufacturing producing glass roofing systems where there are zero tolerances and no margin for errors. Utilising world class manufacturing principles, Ultrapanel systems are precision engineered in one unitised hybrid panelised solution ready for easy installation onsite.

High Quality Finish Every Time

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) protocols combined with our mass production and customisation techniques ensure Ultrapanel systems are precision engineered to deliver highly adaptable offsite manufactured roofing and walling systems.

During assembly, the Ultrapanel components intuitively set themselves out with millimetre precision to ensure a perfect finish every time, negating the need for any remedial battening.

  • The patented connecting system delivers first-time precision fit and reduces the risk of poor workmanship and costly defects.
  • Specialist in-house design software ensures each Ultrapanel system delivers dimensional accuracy with assured precision and performance.
Precision Assured

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