Ultrapanel designs, engineers and manufactures innovative building systems which are created to meet the demands of volume residential developers. Through our long and illustrious 40 year history in manufacturing glass roofing systems where there are zero tolerances and no margin for error – we have perfected our precision offsite manufacturing techniques.


‘Room in the Roof’

Build the best ‘room in the roof’ with Ultrapanel, a totally new precision engineered NHBC Accepts and BBA Certified system that reduces the risks of site delays and delivers verified fire, thermal and structural performance every time.

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre with the use of a site telehandler to move product from the compound to plot, a crane is used to ensure the installation of the roof structure is completed on day one with subsequent installation of dormers and roof windows on day two.

Once a house type is reviewed by the Ultrapanel team and the final solution agreed, delivery to site is normally four weeks later, typically a shorter lead time than some alternative room in roof solutions. This shorter lead time facilitates shorter build schedules.

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Spandrel Walls

The unique Ultrapanel Spandrel Wall system arrives flat packed on site for easy storage and can be installed in one hour without the need for a crane.

With different options available for party or exterior walls, the system is NHBC Accepts and BBA Certified.

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HAUS allows for a whole house external envelope to be built from patented Ultrapanels in just days, reducing a house completion time significantly compared to the same house built in traditional methods.

The sustainable construction system with exceptional thermal performance, HAUS has been designed with the ability to reach passivehaus standards or deliver net zero carbon housing.

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Ultrapanel technology optimises the properties of steel, timber, and high performance insulation and can – subject to site access/plot design- negate the need for a crane. The system easily clips together reducing the potential of defects from poor workmanship.

Reducing the risks of costly delays, Ultrapanel systems arrive typically within a four week lead time and can be installed by a team of tradesman in hours.


Mass Manufacture

The Ultrapanel factory makes over 25,000 roofs every year and can accommodate a four week lead time through the use of specialist software and mass customisation techniques.

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