HAUS Wall Solution

The HAUS Wall solution uses the patented Ultrapanel technology to build the external house structure. The whole structure can be assembled in kit form on site, sub-assembled into panels, or even used as a volumetric assembly. Supplying the product in panels are means the structure can be erected quickly, reducing time on site.

The insulation carried by the Ultrapanels can be tuned to optimise energy efficiency and meet fire requirements with a choice of installation in different depths to provide performance flexibility.

Walls can then be finished in a range of methods – for example, cement board can be fixed to the outside which provides fire resistance, supplements the racking performance, and acts as a carrier board for multiple finishes, or the house can be finished in traditional brick.

NHBC Accepts accredited.

  • A cost-effective solution that provides a slim wall build up that meets Future Homes Standard U-value requirements
  • Insulation comes in situ improving speed and labour costs
  • Can reduce programme by c.30% when compared to traditional brick/block solution.
  • Provides the opportunity for a 4 week procurement advantage with flexible procurement through speed of manufacture.
  • Contributes to a PMV of approximately 49% in isolation, with further opportunity when combined with supplementary MMC technologies and processes.

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