A whole house built in just days

The roof can accommodate pitches up to 50° in most styles and is supplied without finishes on internal or external surfaces. Walls can be provided with cement board to be fixed to the outside which provides fire resistance, supplements the racking performance, and acts as a carrier board for multiple finishes. The roof used on HAUS is BBA and NHBC Accepts accredited and work is underway to secure these accreditations for the whole house structure.

Rapid Builds

HAUS allows for a whole house external envelope to be built from patented Ultrapanels in just days, reducing a house completion time significantly compared to the same house built in traditional methods.


Energy Efficient

The sustainable construction system with exceptional thermal performance, HAUS has been designed with the ability to reach passivehaus standards or deliver net zero carbon housing, Ultrapanel is leading the positive change to net zero with HAUS.



HAUS offers total flexibility to builders. Patented Ultrapanel technology allows for roofs of many varied shapes, along with dormers, spandrels, and external walls. The already exceptional thermal performance can be tweaked if required to meet varying thermal performance standards.

Integrated Solution

  • Insulation
  • Structural connections
  • Fixings
  • Vapour permeable external membrane
  • Optional dormer and roof window apertures
  • Many other features

“While we continue to research what we may be able to achieve using traditional building materials, and as we move forward with our desire to build dwellings very close to Passivhaus standards, these materials may not be able to perform at the levels we require.

Ultrapanel is currently the only product we can see being produced commercially that allows us to build at a speed that that will not affect our dwelling completion rates.”

Richard O’Brien, Northstone Design Director

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