Ultrapanel - Programme Assured


Offsite Manufactured to Enhance Quality and Speed of Build

Designed, precision engineered and offsite manufactured to order, Ultrapanel systems  allow you to accelerate your build schedules and eradicate the risk of site delays.

With lead times of just two weeks, Ultrapanel systems arrive flat packed ready to build when you are, without the use of a crane which can cause disruption across your site.

Fast and Efficient

Ultrapanel’s strong and light weight system is manufactured to millimetre precision, so it goes together quickly and perfectly every time, creating a watertight roof in just one day.

  • Two week lead time
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • No crane required
  • Rapid weathertight building envelope
  • Flat packed to minimise site waste
  • Installed by a team of three in one day
Programme Assured

Building Innovation Awards Winner 2021