Best Brand New Product at Housebuilder Product Awards

Ultrapanel, the precision engineered ‘room in the roof’ system from Ultrapanel Building Technologies, has won Best Brand New Product at the esteemed Housebuilder Product Awards.

Launched in January 2021, the Ultrapanel system has been created to meet the demands of volume housebuilders by accelerating the build process and removing the need for cranes. The Ultrapanel ‘room in the roof’ and spandrel wall system is BBA approved and NHBC Accepts to ensure verified fire, weathertightness, thermal, and structural performance every time. Tried and tested by one of the UK’s most prominent housebuilders, the groundbreaking system increases return on investment by reducing build times and increasing saleable residential space by up to 60%.

Commenting about the win, Ultrapanel Building Technologies Design and Development Director, Andrew Thomson, said: “We are absolutely delighted that the benefits of the Ultrapanel ‘room in the roof’ system have been recognised at these prestigious awards. The system has been in development for several years and we have worked closely with one of the UK’s leading volume housebuilders to ensure it perfectly meets the demands of any busy site. As part of the Ultraframe group of companies, which invented the offsite manufacturing of bespoke roofs with millimetre precision some 35 years ago, this exciting new system is steeped in many years of experience.”

Precision engineered offsite, and available on a lead time of just two weeks, the Ultrapanel system is delivered precisely when you need it to accelerate your build processes. It arrives on site on pallets as a complete ‘room in the roof’ kit of parts, including all components and fixings at a pre-agreed price, and delivers predictable performance every time.

The system offers both a ‘room in the roof’ and gable and party wall spandrel solution and can be fitted by a team of three, using only a telehandler in just one day. Specialist skills are not required for those installing the intuitive system.

The Housebuilder Product Awards are supported by HBF and NHBC, with judges from a range of organisations including the CPA, HBF, NHBC and leading housebuilders. The Ultrapanel system will now become a finalist in the Product of the Year category at the prestigious Housebuilder Awards later in 2021.

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Spotlight on the ‘room in the roof’

Launched in January 2021, and tried and tested by one of the largest UK housebuilders, the Ultrapanel ‘room in the roof’ system provides a new take on modern methods of construction in house roofing

Developers worked extremely hard to sustain their rate of building last year in a bid to overcome the backlog in developments due to lockdown, while simultaneously meeting significant increases in demand.

It is no surprise that roofing solutions that support developers in achieving a faster, more efficient rate of building, without compromising on quality or visual appeal, are currently the most popular type of materials being required and installed.

But while housebuilders were focusing on efficiency and aesthetics, the demands of the pandemic meant that buyers had only one thing on their mind – more space. And one underutilised area that this can be easily gained is in the roof.

Mass customisation techniques at high capacity ensure simultaneous volume production of various roof types with vaulted ceilings, mezzanine floor options, and the ability to accommodate dormer or inline windows.

Unlike other complete systems, Ultrapanel arrives on site, flat-packed and is built in a few hours without any need for cranes. Ultrapanel is manufactured by Ultraframe – which invented prefabricated roofing systems back in the 1980s – and has made over 1.5 million roofs to date. With incredibly short lead-times from a high capacity factory, the Ultrapanel roofing system provides the opportunity for mass adoption of ‘room in the roof’ designs in new homes across the UK.

Originally featured in Showhouse Magazine – click here to read full article.

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A Roofing Result!

Ultrapanel has announced a fantastic response to the virtual live build launch event of its new ‘room in the roof’ solution which was held on 30th March 2021. Ultrapanel is a revolutionary hybrid roofing system created to meet the demands of housebuilders requiring performance and programme assured roofing solution.

Ultrapanel is a newly patented technology that delivers verified fire, weathertight, thermal and structural performance. Ultrapanel systems allow you to build better homes at a faster pace thanks to modern methods of construction.

All Ultrapanel systems are fully BBA Certified and NHBC Accepts for its offsite manufacturing.

Ultrapanel is a highly adaptable offsite manufactured system that increases return on investment by rapidly optimising saleable residential space by up to 60% and reducing build times onsite. The revolutionary system has been tried and tested by Barratt Group, one of the UK’s largest volume housebuilders.

Oliver Novakovic, Technical and Innovation Director of Barratt Group said: “We started this journey with Ultrapanel nearly two years ago. They came to us with a very unique roofing system, different both in its structure and its approach to build. And as always Barratts Group was very interested in new innovation, especially ones that look to change the key dynamics of how we approach construction.

Part of our NPI process is that we assess every step of the technology in its application to ensure it meets the demands of construction sites, our customers most importantly, and ourselves at Barratts.”

During the live build event, viewers were able to see first-hand the ‘room in the roof’ solution being built step-by-step, demonstrating its ease and speed.

Ultrapanel Building Technologies worked with Cogent Consulting during the research, design and trial stages in the development of the ‘room in the roof’ system. Cogent Consulting is a leading multi-disciplinary consultancy specialising in the field of offsite construction and offering independent advice.

Darren Richards, Managing Director of Cogent Consulting, said: “The results that you’re seeing today during the live demo and live-build often look simple but there’s a lot of hard work gone into making this a really efficient and simple solution. So, I hope everyone watching today really appreciates that it’s not a five-minute task to achieve this level of efficiency – it’s taken a lot of hard work and a lot of grind.”

During the live build event, the Ultrapanel team interacted with the NHBC (National House Building Council), the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and Barratt Group, which allowed viewers to gain a full insight into the ‘room in the roof’ product, along with detail about its manufacturing, accreditations, installation, skills required and much more.

Speaking more about the launch Robert Hudson, Programme Director at Ultrapanel, said: “The live event was all about showcasing our newly accredited Ultrapanel system to key players in the UK housing market. We had initially planned to hold a physical launch event and have people view the build-up in person at our factory, but due to COVID restrictions this was not possible. We wanted to get the good news about our innovative system out there as soon as possible so we used an online format where viewers could watch the roof being built while watching a presentation with more of the technical detail which worked incredibly well. We had lots of questions and interaction from technical and construction directors across the market and created a real buzz and interest in Ultrapanel.”

The innovative patented ‘room in the roof’ system has been developed by Ultrapanel Technologies, part of the Ultraframe Group, renowned for revolutionising the conservatory roof market. Bringing its vast experience in world-class manufacturing combined with advanced mass customisation techniques, Ultraframe has the proven capability and capacity to deliver custom-made ‘room in the roof’ systems at scale and pace, with a lead time of just two weeks.

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